What The Critics Have Said

“Newman hurtled the audience into a maelstrom of happily colliding cultures…dance filled with invigorating life.”

– Jennifer Dunning, New York Times Debut of Dance HK/NY in New York

“…rich, beautiful dances…deep forces seem to propel them…pieces teem with life.”

– Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice, Debut of Dance HK/NY in New York

“The works sum up Newman’s substantial assets as a major choreographer…Such a mixture of great choreography, great dancing, and great music is simply intoxicating!”

– Kevin Ng, Hong Kong Standard, Debut of Dance HK/NY in Hong Kong

“Newman is a gifted choreographer. Bold, intelligent and full of imagination, her dances speak for themselves…dance that is full of fleeting, poignant revelations…the powerful surge of Miss Newman’s dancers has the force of intense story telling…her dancers are models of precise abandon.”

– Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

“Sends you out of the theatre invigorated, convinced that experiencing this new kind of dance is the best possible way to spend an evening.”

– Jann Parry, Dance and Dancers (London)

“Dancing so stunning you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing…Newman’s invention is extraordinary.”

– Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

“Each of Newman’s dancers is powerful, unique, self-revealing…Newman’s command of
space is so extraordinary, it spills over boldness and passion.”

– Marilyn Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle

“Rosalind Newman…busy exploring time and space. The proper territory for a choreographer.”

– Clive Barnes, New York Post

“Rosalind Newman is one of those choreographers who is fluent in dance. There aren’t as many as you think…a great gift for making dances.”

– Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

“Newman’s concept and choreography combined to create the first truly innovative approach to stage space that I’ve seen in quite a while.”

– Elizabeth Zimmer, Dance Magazine